Version log


    New features:
  • Added Carrier service to transport money or food to other players.

  • Quality of life and bug fixes:
  • Header image can be hidden via clicking on it
  • Reworked menu on mobile


    Quality of life and bug fixes:
  • Removed the arena countdown from page/browser title, it should now display the current running skill again.
  • After an arena run, your chance to throw up will be set to 0%, and you will be healed to 100/100
  • Food in the arena puts you at a lower chance to throw up than in the normal world.


    New features:
  • Added a combat arena tournament. Players can sign to up to a 1 hour bash tournament and fight for rewards.
  • After your signup you will get a transfer to the arena, granted 100 new friends and getting healed.
  • While the timer is running, you can fight for the friends of other players or defend your own. The more you have at the end, the better the rewards.
  • New currency added Bloodtoken. This can be earned via fighting, quests and also the tournament rewards provide them.
  • Added 6 basic rewards for Bloodtoken which can be bought at the arena combat vendor.
  • Each fight which costs health above the threshold now awards you with bloodtokens.
  • Added new rewards to all quests.
  • Added a statistik only for arena fights

  • Quality of life and bug fixes:
  • Delayed friends payout if you are currently in the combat arena.
  • Added a small delay to the bash timer, so the reload should always get you to the "Attack" display instead of 00:00:00.
  • Added servertime to the footer area.
  • Added arena overview to sidemenu - displaying infos about the next event
  • Removed the arena countdown from page title, it should now display the current running skill again.
  • After an arena run, your chance to throw up will be set to 0%.
  • Food in the arena puts you at a wower the chance to throw up than in the normal world.


    New features:
  • Items can now be salvaged, to gain materials based on the level of the item.
  • Its now possible to release all your friends, they won't give you money anymore, but you don't have to take care of them anymore either.
  • To participate in the election you have to have finished the tutorial and reached 1000 points.
  • Newbie protected added to the game.

  • Quality of life and bug fixes:
  • Added confirmation box before salvaging an item.
  • Inactive players get their newbie protection removed after 7 days.
  • Changed wording for Celestial Constructs quest.
  • Job and skill quest now reward more money.
  • Added shoutbox entries for all governor actions.
  • Removed old accounts, and moved inactive ones to a central spot, to remove the clutter all over the map.


    New features:
  • Writing a message to a player, now shows your recent conversation with them

  • Quality of life and bug fixes:
  • Added back to map button after winning a fight.


    New features:
  • Adjusted "% chance to throw up" values of all food - It's now a choice between: lower absolute % and less energy per % vs higher total % but at a better energy/% ratio.
  • Upgrade materials & tools are no longer visible in the scanner, and can not be robbed anymore.

  • Quality of life and bug fixes:
  • Added some mobile improvements for buttons and boxes


    Quality of life and bug fixes:
  • The leaderboards load even more quick :)
  • Combatlog after a fight with constructs now shows the correct name of the construct.
  • AIs only refill their health after they have been defeated, instead of refilling after each fight
  • Celestial constructs which have not been fought in a long time, now leave the rooftop to create space for new ones


    New features:
  • Added a new floor to the bar, where you can fight against celestial constructs. They are AI robots and carry special materials with them.
  • Constructs come in 3 difficulties: easy,hard and godlike.
  • You can now upgrade your items in level, to start a upgrade you need different upgrade materials, dropped by constructs
  • On a rare occasion you can find ankh's, which bless your items in addition to upgrading them.
  • Implemented a new combat system, to make scaling between the strength values of players and constructs smoother.
  • Added new badges & weekly badges for construct fights.
  • Added new quests which lets you fight constructs.
  • Added a captcha system, to check for user activity after 2 hours.

  • Quality of life and bug fixes:
  • Menus can now be toggled to avoid excessive scrolling on mobile.
  • Market prices now scale more linear with the current stock (minimum and maximum price for food is kept the same)
  • Skillquests now show the reduced requirements they need, if you already have high level as you start the quest. This is only a display change for this patch
  • small depot and market fixes when withdrawing or depositing.
  • Fixed a bug where skills had a wrong duration, after the first governor was elected.
  • The leaderboards now load quicker than before.
  • Increased the rewards for food quests, as it required more food than it rewarded.
  • The current tax revenue is now displayed to everybody, to make it more transparent what the governor is investing into.


    New features:
  • Polling station has been added to the game, the legislative period will be 7 days.
  • Players can vote for each other, the player with the most votes will be governor.
  • The governor can do:
  • Set different types of tax.
  • Choose for what perk the tax money will be used, and upgrade those perks

  • Quality of life and bug fixes:
  • Friends give more money (up to 600)
  • After a bash there is a back button, that brings you to your last visited floor of the bar, instead of floor 1
  • Leaderboard shows a mix of your weekly badges as preview.


    New features:
  • Added 15 new achievement badges with a wide range of tasks to complete.
  • Added 10+ new weekly badges to show who did the most of a kind in the last week.
  • New acquired badges now create a news post shoutout.
  • Added visualisation for rewards, before starting the job.

  • Quality of life and bug fixes:
  • Long fights now drain way less energy.
  • Countdowns now work from all timezones, instead just the local server time.
  • You can now write new messages directly via a button, instead of finding the player via rankings first.
  • Removed some unnecessary page reloads after skills are finished.
  • The game no longer crashes when reaching maximum level.
  • Success messages are now more talkative.
  • The leaderboard now displays total friends for each player.
  • Adjusted goals for skill daily + weekly quest to make it easier to complete it within the given timeframe.


  • Added new player experience - tutorial when you first start the game, can be restarted anytime


  • You get offered 1 random daily quest each 24 hours
  • You get offered 1 random weekly quest each 7 days


  • The market is selling snacks in addition to items. the price varies with the stock / demand


  • You can now claim achievement badges
  • The hangar is closed due to temporary travel restrictions by governing factions.


  • There now is a market selling items
  • The map size has been increased to whooping 30x30 :)


  • You can try and fight other players on the map
  • You can collect friends in the local bar, which give you money on a regular basis, but they can be picked off of you by other players
  • Every 20hours you get a payout of all your friends


  • Added a realtime allertbox to display fights and news around the world
  • You can enter personal information on your pubic profilepage


  • Added 2d map
  • You can now walk across the planet and find buildings like a bank, food depot, market
  • Serveral actions can be done in those places, feel free to check it out
  • Added a navigation system to the map, you can use quickbuttons to find your destination in the world faster


  • Added a unique perk to each class


  • Added this version log :)
  • Added 8 new classes
  • Added special training skill for each class